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Shadow Calc is scientific shadow calculation: Reliable and easy to use.

You intend to buy or rent a new flat? How do you know there will be unobstructed sun on the balcony in winter?

You have plans for a flower bed? Will there be the required minimum hours of sun throughout the year?

You plan to shoot a picture of the sun coming right over the hill? What's the time to get up?

Or maybe you simply don't want to be in the sun when it's most unhealthy: Midday, usually, is not at 12 o'clock!

Shadow Calc helps you to anwer questions like these.

New features in Version 3:
-   Load GPX- or KML files via iTunes
-   Automatic backup of user defined locations
-   Obstructions may consist of an arbitrary number of locations
-   Load current location on start screen
-   Much faster navigation

Shadow Calc in action:
New apartment buildings will be built on the former Siemens location in Munich-Obersendling, some almost 40 m high. People worry that the new buildings will cloud the existing houses in the neighborhood. Read more...

Screenshot Gallery

A quick look at some screenshots with detailed descriptions will give you a better understanding of the scope and limits of Shadow Calc.

Shadow Calc User Guide

For detailed information about the user interface, handling and background see Shadow Calc User Guide.

Tips and Tricks

Shadow calculation can be quite tricky. Good input data are essential for good results. Usually, when you have doubts about the result, all it takes is a second look on your coordinates.

Find some hints on how to get good results on tips and tricks for shadow calculation.


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